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This is What Manju- Who Claimed to have gone Sabarimala Said about her Temple Visit

Kottayam: Manju, a young woman who claimed to have visited Sabarimala said that she trekked the hill along with many devotees and there was no protest from anyone’s part.

“When I heard the loud ‘Nama Japa’ from many corners, I initially thought it was a protest against me, but I continued my journey thinking of Lord Ayyappa alone”.

I went to the temple through the holy 18 steps itself. Officials had asked me to inform police officers, but if I had done so, I couldn’t have had a proper darshan. Many people recognized me during my journey. They came close and gave me water,” she said.

“I wasn’t sure what to do with the pooja offerings I had, people there taught me what to do with the holy coconut, Bhasma etc and where to keep it.”

She added that she had sought the help of Ayyappa Seva’s help to complete the rituals at Sabarimala.


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