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Sabarimala Protest: BJP State leader quits party

BJP state leader and OBC Morcha state Committee vice president  Varkala Saranya Suresh quit the party. He accused in BJP people from a lower section of society and Dalit and OBC section has no role. BJP is controlled by RSS and in the party, there exists Brahmanical hierarchy. He also informed that around 500 party workers also join him. And he and the others who left party will be working for the left secular front.

Suresh a native of Trivandrum accused that BJP uses people from OBC and Dalit as a shield. They did not get any consideration in the party. They are used for creating violence and they are exploited. There is no democracy in BJP.

The left government’s decision to appoint all caste people as priests in temples has aroused anguish in BJP. By ongoing Sabarimala protest BJP plans to cater the interests of Brahminical and upper caste section of Kerala society. They want to please NSS and others, he added.


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