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Mining in Alappad: Government Changes their Earlier Stand

Kerala has been watching the situation of Alappad with eagerly and a huge public has come out supporting people’s battle for survival against mining companies in the village Alappad.

The government has been quite stern on their stand, had defended the mining in the place so far, but now Minister Mercykuttiyamma, owing to pressure, has said that Government is ready for a discussion with the protestors.

This is after the Minister had said a day before that she will not let public companies to be destroyed by taking a stand against them. But the protestors had held firm and there are chances for them to start protesting in front of Secretariat. The government has realised that the situation is slipping out of their hands and chose to do some compromise.

For the past 72 days, starting November 2018, the remaining people in Alappad and nearby areas have been on an indefinite strike against mining companies planning to extend their projects. Two public sector companies, Indian Rare Earth (IRE) which comes under central government and Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited (KMML), a company under the state government have been mining since 1968.


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