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Kerala Govt Spends this Huge Amount on Panchayat Day Celebrations 

Kerala Govt keeps complaining about the lack of funds for the flood relief programme but their extravagant spending on other areas cuts a different picture. It has been revealed that a total of Rs 4 crore is going to be spent by Government for celebrating Panchayath day, while the Kerala Govt keeps all the blame on the central Government for not providing them with more funds.

In a state like Thrissur, where many flood victims are still spending time in their relief camps, the programme is conducted at a Convention centre. The celebration is on February 18 and 19 at Lulu Convention centre at Puzhaykal, Thrissur.

About 15 committees have been formed for the programme. 4000 representatives will take part and food has been arranged for all. The birthday of Balwant Ray Mehta, former Gujarat CM, popularly knows as the father of Panchayth raj is what is celbrated as the Panchayath day.

The government is coming under severe criticism from all corners for being a spendthrift on these areas while the finance minister Thomas Isacc keeps complaining about the need to control the expenses.


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