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After Sabarimala, Women All Set to Enter Agasthyarkoodam Today

Thiruvananthapuram: Trips to Agasthyarkoodam are all set to start today. If this can happen, this will be historic. Among the 4700 people who have registered for the trip, 100 of them are women. The first trip by women will be Kerala Public Relations Officer Dhanya Sanal.

Traditionally women are not allowed to enter Agasthyarkoodam, which is a part of Neyyar Wild Life Sanctuary. Women had led a fight against this which led to the favourable verdict from the high court. The notification said that anyone above the age of 14 and are physically fit can apply for the trip.

Meanwhile, the ‘Kani’ tribe in Agasthyarkoodam has been vehemently opposing the women entry into Agasthyarkoodam. A protest can be expected from this group against the women entry into this space.


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