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Periodontitis disease and its causes

Most cases of periodontitis begin with the formation of plaques on your teeth and gums. Plaque formation can further contribute to the development of periodontitis

The starches and sugars in the food you eat interact with the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth. This leads to the formation of plaque on your teeth.
When plaque is left unattended, it can cause your gum line to harden into tartar. Tartar is harder to get rid of, and you can’t remove it by simply brushing or flossing. You will have to visit a dentist to get rid of it.
Untreated plaque and tartar lead to gingivitis. This is the beginning of periodontal disease that can cause irritation and inflammation in some part of your gums surrounding the base of your teeth.
If gingivitis is left unattended, it leads to periodontitis, which causes pockets to develop in between your teeth and gums. These pockets are often filled with plaque, tartar, and bacteria.


Some cases of untreated gingivitis advance to periodontitis.
Periodontitis usually follows gingivitis.
The inner layer of the gum and the bone pull away from your teeth, resulting in pockets between your teeth and gums.
Your teeth may begin to loosen.
Some of your teeth may also fall off.

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