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Realme launched cheap and yet comfortable earphone below Rs 500

Good build quality
Decent sound
Kevlar fibre wiring protection
Magnetic feature

Looking at the price, no cons really

Realme Buds build quality, design, and comfort
At an initial glance, the Buds look similar to in-canal earphones. The design is standard, but we loved the magnetic feature on the backside of the individual buds. The Buds don’t weigh much, which gives off a premium effect. The magnetic feature is also one of the industry firsts (at this price) and thought it was quite effective.

Realme has claimed to have used break-resistant Kevlar fibre to protect the wiring from wear and tear. We did not get a chance to test the durability though so we are going to consider Realme’s word for it. One main positive of using Kevlar fibre is that you seldom find the headphones getting entangled and even if you do, de-entangling was easy.

The Realme Buds get silicon rubber earbuds and come with extra buds depending on ear size which is easily interchangeable. The comfort factor is high on an overall scale. This stands coming from someone who prefers the normal Apple EarPods to earplugs. Realme does score high in this demographic.

The Buds get a standard sized remote which comes with three buttons which can control music, launch the Google assistant, and increase or decrease volume. There is Realme branding on the remote as well.

Realme Buds sound quality
Okay, we will start with the main point. If you are looking for premium quality sound, we will suggest looking elsewhere. But for the rest, the Realme Buds sounded just fine. Songs like November Rain by Guns N Roses, Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd sounded decent enough. Bass highs were good. However, we did find it lacking a bit in the lower end of the bass scale.

The high-range is decent, the low-range is okay, but the mid-range is where the Realme Buds shines. Various songs by Airiel, Still Corners sounded decent considering their mid-ranges, and this is where the earphone rocks the mids.

Realme Buds Price and Verdict
The price is the final clincher. Priced at Rs. 499, we think Realme is giving everyone a shot at buying earphones which sound good, and are cheap to buy. For a beginner, the Realme Buds is probably one of the best earphones that you can buy in the price tag right now. Period.


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