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Woman has the best Sexual Experience with her husband, Realises the huge blunder she made later

Relationships can be complicated and sometimes it takes you to places you never expect. One woman has shared one such shocking story, where she had the best sexual experience of her life, but turns out, it was with her husband’s twin.

The woman, long before her marriage had a one-night stand with her husband’s twin brother before they tied the knot or even met – and hopes the secret will never come out. She met “gorgeous” but shy guy at her friend’s 30th birthday and ended up back at her flat for “an amazing night together” after a few drinks.

They did not give each other their number since the guy had a girlfriend and they knew that the relationship had no future. A year later she saw his face on Tinder and they matched and met for coffee.

“When I asked him about his family, I found out he had a twin brother. Then it all made sense – I’d slept with his brother… that’s how it unfolded – I was on a date with Danny but I’d had a one night stand with his twin brother Tom,” she said anonymously.

She had no idea that Danny would become her future husband, even though she had slept with his twin brother.

“We were still dating three months later, and had totally fallen for each other. That’s when he said he wanted me to meet his family”

After her and Danny got engaged, she finally spoke to the twinTom about their past.

“I said, ‘You won’t ever tell him, will you? and he said, ‘God no! No way!’ Tom was also engaged so I knew he wouldn’t want to risk his fiancé knowing about us and, given that the twins were so close, I knew he didn’t want to risk messing up his relationship with Danny,” she said.

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