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PM Narendra Modi revealed the advice given by his mother that had a ‘great impact’ on him

PM Modi revealed that this advice by his mother had a ‘great impact’ on him and that he has followed it all his life.

PM Modi said that for his nearly 99-year-old mother, it never mattered that her son was holding an important position in public life as long as he worked with honesty and integrity. Recalling what his mother had told him, PM Modi said, “‘Dekh bhai, I don’t understand what you do, but promise me you will never take a bribe — don’t ever commit that sin.’ Those words really impacted me and I’ll tell you why. A woman who has lived in poverty her entire life and who has never had material comforts, during an abundant and celebratory time, asked me to not take a bribe.”

The Prime Minister also told the Facebook page that his mother was happy when he became the CM of Gujarat as that meant he would stay close to her. He said, ““A lot of people ask me how my mother felt when I became PM, but by then the name ‘Modi’ was in the air, my photos were being printed and there was a lot of excitement all over. But I think the bigger milestone for her, was when I became CM.”


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