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‘cow protectors are challenging the natural habitat of earth’; congress must not act like Sanghparivar, says Kanthapuram Musaliyar .

Muslim leader Kanthapuram A.P.Aboobakkar Musliyar has hit out at Congress party today. Criticizing the Congress lead Madhya Pradesh government’s act of imposing National Security act on people who smuggled cow, he said that it is dangerous that parties that have adopted secular history and stance being communalised. Earlier the Madhya Pradesh government has booked five people for illegal transporting of a cow under National Security Act.

Congress, which has a long history, which always raised secularist stands in building the nation must not act like RSS. Those claiming to protect the cow are also challenging the natural habitat on the earth.

Millions of Indian people found their livelyhood by breeding and selling cattle. The Sangh Parivar movements are pushing hundreds of millions of people who found their livelyhood by butchering and selling meat into hunger and to famine. In a country where millions of people are suffering from unemployment doing, this is weakning the nation.

Governments ruled by Congress party which has a secularist history should not fall on such violent acts aimed at sharpening communalism in northern India.

The nation now needed is a government which considers the need for all sections of the people, and also a stand that encourages pluralism. Congress must follow its historical secular stand and an approach to protect Muslims and Dalits who are insecure he said in a statement.


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