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Smart Bed Adjusts to the Temperature, Know how much it Costs

Sometimes it can be really hot while you sleep and as time progresses, the temperature might get eased up. Your bed can be a bit warmer or cooler than what you want and it will be really handy if your bed could adjust itself to the temperature outside. Well, Smart mattress company Eight Sleep is announcing its newest product and it could just be what you are looking for.

Eight has been focused on bed temperature for a while, first by offering a smart mattress cover and then a smart mattress that allows owners to adjust the surface temperature and even set different temperatures for different sides of the bed. But The Pod goes even further, with a smart temperature mode that will change bed temperature throughout the night to improve your sleep.

The bed can also make use of the artificial intelligence technology as well as biofeedback sensors to determine the best temperature for you (anywhere from 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the night, and adjust accordingly.

The Pod is currently available for preorder today, with pricing starting at $1,995 for a full bed and $2,195 for a queen.


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