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Kerala has become a ‘safe haven’ for terrorists, says BJP leader

BJP spokesperson Adv.B.Gopalakrishnan has accused that the Kerala state has become a safe haven for militants and terrorists. The Wayanad encounter is an example of this. The BJP has always said that the state has become a shelter for the anti-social, he said.

CPM state Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan who has asked the union government to hold talks with Pakistan and militants should now explain why his party led Kerala government did not hold talks with the Maoists.   He also alleged that Communism has created only anarchy in the world.

Jaleel, the dead Maoist leader is an example of ancrchist Communist family. The CPM leaders like Thomas Issack, Kodiyeri, Pinarayi and M.A.Baby has send their children abroad knowing this.

CPI leader Binoy Vishwam who attended the funeral of Maoist leader Kupu Swamy, who was killed earlier, should explain their stand on the present killing of Maoist leader by CPM government, he said.


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