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Worlds most expensive perfume is now available in Dubai

Many among us will use perfume. There are even some who are addicted to fragrance addicted. All of us might have used it once in the while in our life chronicle. This news is especially for those who are perfume addicts because they will witness the most expensive perfume available so far in this planet.

The ultra-luxury fragrance brand from the UAE has unveiled “Shumukh”, the world’s most expensive unisex perfume valued at AED4.7 million. When converted to Indian money it would come around 8.9 crore rupees.

Shumukh has been conceptualised in the UAE by Asghar Adam Ali who is the chairman and master perfumer at Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies.

“With a history of passion for a perfumery that has spanned 47 years and a keen eye for jewellery design, my dream was to bring to life a ‘history in the making’ concept with innovation at its core.” he acknowledged to the media.

You will receive 3500 gemstones, 2 KG 18-carat gold & a 5KG silver along with the product.

The manufacturers argue that the aroma of the perfume will last 12 hours and if applied on the cloth will last for 30 days.


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