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(WATCH)Maths Teacher Explains ‘Love Equations’ in Class, Loses Job as Video Goes Viral

Mathematics can be a boring subject for many students and a lot of them would have really hoped for their Maths teacher to do something different in the class. A Maths professor from Haryana did exactly that, spicing up the class with some ‘Love Equations’ but ended up losing his job over it.

In the video shot by first year B.Com students, Assistant Professor Charan Singh from Government PG College in Sector 14 in Karnal can be seen giving lessons based on ‘attraction and closeness’ by breaking down the four stages of love – friendship, attraction, crush and romance. Watch the video here:

As you can see his equations are: ‘Closeness minus Attraction = Friendship’.

Closeness plus Attraction = Romantic love and lastly, ‘Attraction minus Closeness = Crush

The video was shot by one of the students and the teacher lost his job over it as the video went viral.


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