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CPI(M) Leader and Gang Stabs a Migrant Worker For Playing Music in Temple

Thiruvananthapuram: More details about the stabbing incident that occurred in Pozhiyoo,r has come up and there are some shocking details.

It is reported that an argument which began two days before is what eventually led to the stabbing. Police said that the victim Joseph and CPI(M) branch secretary Baiju had ran into an argument for playing loud music through a loudspeaker.

Jospeh had played music through loudspeakers as it was the festival time at Pozhiyoor Chengalvila temple. Jacob who is working in a private light and sounds company had to play it as a part of his job and CPI(M) branch secretary Baiju and his father Rajappan had asked him to reduce the volume since they wanted to sleep.

Joseph replied that he was testing mic and that he cannot stop the songs which were being played. Baiju took a stone and started beating the workers. Jacob had resisted the attack and soon Baiju took out a knife and stabbed him, as per the police version. The visuals of the duel was caught in CCTV in a nearby home.

Jacob was soon taken into a medical college and is still in the intensive care unit. The culprits who went exile after the attack are still being searched.


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