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This will happen to your body if you miss your sleep one day

Do you think one loss of sleep does not affect you? Many among us think it is not a big deal. The truth is if you lose sleep one day what happens to your body is surprising.

Healthy adults usually require 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is as integral to our health as nutrition and exercise.

If we don’t sleep one day or if we skipp our one day sleep, for the next 24 hours we will loose our coordination. We will start loosing our memory eventually. Our ability to judgement others decreases.  Our physical health will start degrading. Our physical capabilities will decrease slowly as our hormone secreation get affected. Cortisol, the hormone related to stress responses, rises with sleep loss. This hormone not only influences how we deal with stress, but also affects the body’s use of glucose and fat storage, particularly in the abdominal area. The level of sugar in your blood will increase. Our ability to multitask wil decrease considerably. These all will happen if you skip one day sleep.

Rember if loosing a single day sleep will cause you these what will happen if we skip our sleep alternativbely ?



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