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Election Candidate Promises 10 Litres of Alcohol Every Month at DoorStep, if Elected to Power

Election candidates leave no stone unturned to make sure they get all the votes they can. Some of their offers and promises can seem far fetched, that makes voters wonder if it is ever going to happen, but A M Sheikh Dawood who is contesting from Thiruppoor Loksabha constituency in TamilNadu has the most bizarre offer- “10 Litres of Alchohol every month at your doorstep”.

If you thought this was just an over the top, thoughtless claim that springs from his belief that he is not going to win anyway, it doesn’t seem so. 55-Year-Old Dawood seemed to have put in a lot of hard work into this and details the modus operandi of bringing liquor to the voters.

“If all voters need to be fed with alcohol, I will need content in large quantity. This will be sourced from Pondicherry” says Dawood who is currently working as a Taylor.

Although he doesn’t mention how he is going to fund this, he has other interesting promises like a kit for every family worth Rs 25000 each month.

Also in the package is a government job for one person in the family, Rs 10 Lakhs and gold coins for marriage and much more. He promises to stand by his offers and implement it and is confident about his victory in the elections.


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