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Manohar Parrikar’s Sons hint joining Politics

Ex-Goa chief minister Manohar parrikar’s sons will be entering into politics. The sons Utpal Parrikar and Abhijat Parrikar have given a hint on their statement that they could enter politics to “continue the legacy” of their father’s dedication to the state and the nation.

Parrikar, 63, died on March 17 after a prolonged fight against pancreatic cancer.

They asserted that Parrikar has a strong will and desire to serve the nation and state. Even in his last breath, he was occupied with issues related to the state, the statement said praising Manohar Parrikar.

“We will honor his life by continuing his legacy of service and dedication to the state and the nation,” They added

Utpal Parrikar said he would take a decision, on entering politics, at the right time.


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