This school has introduced a home economics class where boys learn to wash, iron and cook


Once the young generation has learned to tidy up, keep their room clean through military assistance. Today this type of compulsory military education no longer exists, especially among boys. Boys who know to do the simplest housework rarely exist in this new scenario.

A Spanish school has brought a remedy to bring a halt to these practices where women only learn household works. The school has launched the idea of including lessons in home economics among other subjects. The institution is situated in Vigo , which is a town in northwestern Spain.

The school’s name Colegio Montecatelo included economic courses which include ironing, cooking , cleaning etc are taught. As instructors, in addition to members of the teaching staff, there are also some of the fathers of these same students.

This kind of news has taken everyone by a little surprise and at the same time it aroused much curiosity.

“When we talk about cooking to schoolchildren this is seen to be quite normal, but regarding the other housework chores, some people were not very convinced,” the school authorities said.

Even though there was initial resistance, the home economic lessons continued and it is still progressing. There are many other institutions in the country which have started following the same routine.

Beyond a clever advertising or marketing strategy, the initiative is extremely valuable and useful. With this preparation, in fact, young people can learn skills that will be useful to them as adults, both alone and when they form a family.


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