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Jet Airways may likely to lose  its right for international flying

One of the biggest private airliner in India, Jet Airways on Thursday grounded its services to and from east and northeast regions and suspended international operations for a day. The debt-rideen airlines has announced its decision that it was forced to ground 10 more planes due to non-payment of rentals to the lessors.

Earlier in the day, the airline announced grounding of 10 more planes due to non-payment of rentals to the lessors. Jet Airways also cancelled its Mumbai-Kolkata, Kolkata-Guwahati and Dehradun-Guwahati via Kolkata flights for Friday due to “operational reasons”.

On today, the airline operated just 14 planes—way down from 123 planes in operations at the peak. According to industry sources, the airline now owes more than Rs 3,500 crore to passengers on account of flight cancellations alone.

Of the 14 aircraft that it operated till Thursday evening, eight were wide-body B777s (seven) and an A330—generally used for long-haul international operations. The remaining six planes were three B737s, which are largely used for flying on domestic routes, besides on short-haul international routes and the rest three are regional ATRs.


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