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Do Smoking cigarettes make you blind; read to know more


Are you that kind of person who drag spliff regularly? If so, think twice before your next drag as this smoking not only damages your lungs and heart but will also make you blind, says, researchers.

Smoking harms your retina which is the light-sensitive tissue placed in the back of your eyes. They are the only stimulator which allows the transmitting of images to the brain. They are similar to the film placed in a camera which converts light rays into impulses and thus helping us to see.

The new study has been revealed by the journal Psychiatry Research, asserted that there is considerable change in the smoker’s red – green and blue-yellow color vision. The neurotoxic chemical in the cigarettes will cause overall vision loss.

Apart from this, smoking is one of the largest preventable causes of various diseases in the world.

India is the topes countries in the world who has constituted the two third of the world’s smokers in 2015.

The symptoms of these retinal diseases are often confused with those of old age or other eye disorders which leads to delayed diagnosis says Raja Narayanan, Head of L.V. Prasad Eye Institute

Consuming a larger amount of green leafy vegetables and fruits will reduce the effect of smoking born ailments in our body . Certain vitamins like Vitamin C and vitamin A will also help in the overall eye health and will help in the prevention of further eye problems.


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