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Case registered against Binil Somasundaram for pushing communal violence

The Ernakulam central police have registered a case against Binil Somasundaram for pushing communal violence by social media posts. Binil a resident of Kadavoor, Ernakulam has stirred controversy by his social media posts against the infant child with heart probelm who was transported from Mangalore to Ernakulam in recored time.

The police has charged him IPC 153A. An advocate Sreejith Perumana has complained against him.

Binil on his Facebook and twitter account posted abusive comments baout the 15 day old child who was sufferring from cardiac problems. The child was transfeered to Ernakulan Amruta hospital in a record time. Everbody from Chief Minister to laymen has thorugh social media requested to allow the safe and sppedy transfer of the child. At that time he has posted these arrangements are done only because the child is Muslim.

But Binil later claimed that his social media account were hacked.

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Posted by Sreejith Perumana on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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Posted by Binil Somasundaram on Tuesday, April 16, 2019


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