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Pakistan Science Minister Makes an Absurd Claim, Gets Trolled Mercilessly

Hubble telescope was instrumental in helping humans dive deep into the mysteries of the universe. It is a well-known fact that it was America’s NASA that launched the Hubble. But apparently, Pakistan science minister thinks different.

Pakistan’s Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry made a bizarre claim that took everyone by surprise when he said that the Hubble Space Telescope was sent into space by the country’s aeronautics and aerospace research agency Suparco, and not America’s NASA.

Speaking to the local television on Sunday Chaudhry described Hubble as “the world’s biggest telescope” which “was sent [into space] by SUPARCO… Then there are other satellites, and there are other [types of] technologies.”

A torrent of memes and trolling posts made its way to the Internet following Mr. Chaudhry’s slip-up.

“You have really surpassed all your predecessors. Just a few days under your patronage, we realized that Suparco has sent ‘hubal’ telescope into space.. Incredible. Mr. PM @ImranKhanPTI should send such discoverer into space as a reward..!, a user tweeted.


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