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Donald Trump declared a national emergency in America

The US president Donald Trump declared a national emergency in the country quoting threats for US telecom and cyber services. The executive order announcing the emergency was released on Wednesday.

He accused that foreign powers are trying to sabotage the telecom- communication system in the country. But the order did not point out specifically any nation for this.

But is supposed that the US president is targetting the Chinese giant Huawei. the biggest supplier of network gear used by phone and internet companies.

It was earlier accused that the company helps in spy networking of China. Many companies and countries have raised concerns in recent times that the Huawei products can be used by China for surveillance an accusation the company has denied.

Last year Trump has signed a bill which imposes a ban from the government from using products from Huawei and other Chinese company ZTE. He is also against the Chinese tech giant’s plan to develop its network in Europe.


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