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These Many Children Found HIV Positive in Pakistan, a Doctor held Responsible. Shocking Story

In a shocking news from Pakistan, about 500 people, most of them being children are found HIV positive in the past two months. This is happening in a destitute village in Pakistan and what is even more shocking is that the investigation so far reveals that a Pakistani doctor is behind this!

The question the authorities are after is whether child specialist doctor Muzaffar Ghangharo, who has Aids, knowingly spread the virus. Police have arrested RGhangharo, and are investigating his role. He has been accused by at least 10 families of treating their children with used syringes, said Sartaj Jhagirani, a police officer in the city. Ghangharo remains behind bars, yet has staunchly denied that he intentionally caused harm.

“He said that he didn’t do anything intentionally. Ghangharo said that in his statement to police. [But] four kids have died and their parents have blamed the doctor for killing them,” said Sartaj Jhagirani, a police officer in the city.

Locals described a mode of fear in the district as health workers test as many as 1,000 people each day to ascertain the scale of the infections. The figure was 450 positive cases on Thursday, but grew by at least 100 throughout the following day.


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