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Girlfriend slaps her boyfriend 52 times for not gifting her a phone; Watch Video

Lovers all over the world celebrate Valentines Day with a lot of enthusiasm. But this Valentines Day has been unforgettable for a man, as his girlfriend slapped him in public. The video of this has become viral in social media.

The Chinese woman slapped her boyfriend a staggering 52 times in public for not gifting her a smartphone. This incident took place on unofficial Chinese Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on May 20 all across China.

The scene was captured on both surveillance footage and phone video footage from pedestrians, which clearly showed the woman berating the man and reaching out several times to slap his face while the man remains still and simply takes the abuse.

That purported number of slaps is quite coincidental as Monday was May 20th or “520,” a date which is now celebrated by some in China as a sort of “Valentine’s Day” because in Mandarin the pronunciation of those three numbers sounds similar to the sentence “I love you” (wo ai ni).

When a woman tried to intervene and stop the woman, the guy defended his girlfriend and let her continue to hit him. He agreed that he had indeed made a mistake by not giving her phone she desired and letting him hit her was the only way of calming her. Apparently, the couple later vowed that they would never create a scene in public again.


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