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Actress Payal Rohtagi sparks criticism  by her remarks on ‘Sati’and Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Bollywood actress  Payal Rohtagi stirred controversy by her remarks glorifying the age-old custom ‘Sati’, which was banned by the British government. She has also abused the Social reformer and Hindu Renaissance leader Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

She has posted a message on her social media handle which contained the controversial statements. She has posted a video message on Twitter with a caption ‘Truth behind Sati Pratha in India. ” Sati was an incident related to Padmavati during Mughal Khiljis invasion. A later society with d help of traitors like Raja Ram who Britishers used 2 divide society made Sati into an evil forceful practice”, she tweeted.

” No he was a chamcha to Britishers who used him to defame the Sati tradition. Sati tradition was not compulsory but was introduced to prevent the prostitution of Hindu wives by the hands of Mughal invaders. It was the woman’s choice”, Payal tweeted.

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