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Du launches 5G service with free smartphones

A number of zealous smartphone users in the UAE hungry for 5G are about to get some freebies to experience it.

Du on Saturday announced that it has formally rolled out the next-generation mobile standard experience in the country to consumers by delivering 5G-enabled devices to a select group of its customers as well.

The Dubai-headquartered telecom brand from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, in collaboration with China’s ZTE, joined hands to hand out the Axon Pro 10 handset to du customers, who pre-registered from May 8.

And as a reward for being among the first, not only will they get free access to du’s 5G network – they will be receiving the smartphones on the house as well.

No pre-registration figures are so far available according to du, but Khaleej Times was told it would be made available soon.

The announcement closely follows the UAE’s first live 5G consumer experiences, hosted by du across its retail stores and Suhoors throughout May. Khaleej Times was among the first to experience it.

Du promises major benefits for consumers and enterprises alike. 5G is also seen as critical driver in the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, an age of highly-advanced technologies. It promises peak speeds of 10Gbps and significantly faster response time, among many others.

Du says 5G will “eventually advance the smartphone from a tool to connect people to the linchpin that ties us to each other, information, machines, devices and so much more”. Citing figures, it added that the next-generation standard would create up to 22 million jobs by 2035 and along with it about $3.5 trillion in revenue.

The ZTE Axon Pro 10 was used to show consumers how they can unlock the full potential of the network upgrade.


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