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“Rahulism Must End For Congress to Become a Strong Opposition,”Says Chetan Bhagat

After facing an embarrassing defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections Rahul has submitted his resignation from the post of party president and has reportedly rejected to be the president of the party for at least the next 3-4 months. Sonia Gandhi has taken up that position but given how Congress operates, one cannot be surprised if he makes his way back into the top party position. Congress party needs to rethink if he is the best leader to lead the party. Novelist Chetan Bhagat certainly doesn’t think so.

“Someone really, really needed to have shown the Congress a mirror. In fact, people have tried for ages, but to no avail. And yet, anyone suggesting replacing Rahul is seen as jealous, biased, motivated or simply mean. However, people trying to break their heads to beg the Congress to change may not be any of that. Maybe they really do care about having two strong political parties in competition. This way we can have a healthy democracy, a strong party in power and an almost equally strong opposition. The Congress’s insistence on Rahul’s presence has damaged all that” wrote Chetan for Times of India.

Chetan also said that the whole theme of ‘let there be love’ by Rahul Gandhi has backfired.

” This is a battle. Rahul isn’t working for ISKCON, Art of Living or the Isha Foundation. This is just one example where there seems to be an idea Rahul fell in love with and went ahead with, without realising it was coming across as incoherent. Rahul’s message, speeches, confidence and overall impact left so much to be desired, one wonders how he didn’t realise it or why his inner circle never brought it to his attention” Chetan added.


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