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Demand or supply: What is the reason for leaked videos and wardrobe malfunction?

The portrayal of women was always one-sided and it was always through the eyes of man. The objectification of woman is ever increasing by the advent of social media.

The paparazzi media always tried to bring rumours and gossip stories to increase their readers. Now the online platform is also doing the same. The leaked video, wardrobe malfunction are some of the tendencies of new media that make the woman the bearer of the ‘look’. As the TV screen reduced to the size of smartphones our private space has become darker. We are left with a variety of choices.

The woman is always treated as second sex where her privacy is intimidated and she has to answer stupid questions to remain in the limelight. Intelligence is never considered necessary for this group. Now there is a systematic way of stalking celebrities and the craziest thing is that we consider it as normal.

We must be aware of entertainment media trying to exploit our curiosity. The choice is between quality and quantity. Being a media literate is essential in today’s world.


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