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This vegetable market bats for Sanskrit

Learning a language in a vegetable market. Seems to be an idiotic idea. But no, a group of vegetable sellers has made this practical. They are popularizing ‘Sanskrit’ through their market.

The vegetable vendors of the Nishatganj vegetable market in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is trying to be different by popularizing Sanskrit. In this market, names of all vegetables are written in Sanskrit on tiny placards.

Here potato is known as ‘Alookam’ and tomato is ‘raktphalam’. Bitter gourd is known as “karvelah’ and carrots are ‘gunjanakkam’ while garlic is ‘lashuman’. Onions are known as ‘Palanduh’ and ginger is ‘adrakam’.

Vegetable sellers of the market although did not know the language come forward to popularize the language. They get the aid of a local teacher. And write the names of vegetables in Sanskrit. And the idea worked as the customers are also learnt the Sanskrit names of vegetables.

The shopkeepers, however, do not insist on customers using Sanskrit to converse.


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