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BJP minister compares PM Narendra Modi to Vivekananda,Lord Ram

Union Minister Pratap Chandra Sarangi also sought to draw parallels between Lord Ram and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as Modi and Swami Vivekananda, drawing protests from the Opposition benches.

Sarangi also sprang a surprise by claiming that the BJP would forever remain grateful to the Congress. “Otherwise, how would we have become aware of the need for strong leadership,” the first-term Lok Sabha member said accusing the UPA government of “surrendering” governance to the Congress leadership.

“Congress has done a great favour to us by criticising Modi. Had Lord Ram not been exiled for 14 years, who would have known his greatness. He would have been just an ordinary king,” the BJP leader said.

Sarangi said the electorate rejected an “adulterated alliance” and chose a genuine leader in Modi in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

“You should apologise to Modi,” Sarangi said addressing the Opposition benches triggering uproar.

In an hour-long speech delivered in mainly Hindi and English, Sarangi switched to Sanskrit, Odia, Bengali effortlessly and recited hymns from the Ramayana and the Vedas to praise the work done by the Modi government.


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