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Stinging Image…Hold back your tears!

Aylan Kurdi remains as a painful memory for all of us. His small body stirred the conscience of many people and the slammed doors opened for the refugees. But still the problems of refugees are unsettled. A new picture of a father and daughter drowned in the water in the Mexican – American border leave the world again in sorrow.

The two bodies were found in Rio Granada. Mexican newspaper La Jornada reported that the family including father Oscar Martinaz Remiras(25), mother Tania(21) and daughter Valeria (2) were trying to cross the river and was swept away by violent currents. Tania had to witness the death of her beloved before her eyes. Even in death Remiras wrapped his hands around the daughter in a protective gesture but couldn’t escape the bitter truth About 283 refugees were dead in the same way. This is an alarming situation where the humanity has to respond. Let us hope this won’t happen again.


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