World’s shortest ‘Airbus A 380’ service launched

The national air carrier of Dubai,  Emirates has launched the world’s shortest ‘Airbus A380’ service. The Airbus A380 doubledecker flight will operate in Dubai – Muscat route.

The Dubai- Muscat travel time will be around 40 minutes. Usually, it takes 1 hour 15 minutes to cover this route. The airliner has claimed that the world’s shortest flight in the biggest commercial flight. The air distance between Dubai and Muscat is 340 kilometer.

The company tweeted that ‘The average flight time (40 minutes) between Dubai and Muscat is only 5 minutes more than the time taken to clean an @Airbus A380 by a team of 42 people’.

The Emirates have broken its own record. Earlier the shortest distance A380 service was Dubai to Doha. But after the UAE Qatar relation got worsened in 2017 all flight to this route was canceled.

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