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130 Kms in One Charge, Check Out the New Electric Scooter at this Affordable Price

Transportation is embracing the phase of ‘electric power’ slowly and here is a major step in the right direction- the all cute looking Spock, developed by a Gurugram-based company Li-Ions Elektrik Solutions.

A high-speed electric two-wheeler, Spock has been designed as an eco-friendly mobility solution for first and last mile logistics. Spock gets its power from the latest generation 2.9 kWh Lithium-Ion batteries. Power is supplied to a BLDC Hub motor that generates 1.2 kW of continuous power and 2.1 kW of max power.

Spock gets features like GPS fitment, USB charging or mobile devices. The company claims, its battery will last 12000 charging cycle and the charging time for it is three hours.

It also features a reverse mode similar to Ather’s offerings. However, it misses out on LED headlamps. The company is also offering accessories such as a front basket, a top box and a rear seat, which makes it look more like a delivery vehicle than a conventional scooter.

Max torque output is 230 Nm. Spock has a maximum speed of 45 kmph and its range is 50-130 km per charge. With its 72V 40AH Lithium battery, Spock can easily cover 130 km in economy mode. In power mode, the two-wheeler can go around 100 km in a single charge.

Price of the Spock ranges between Rs 65,000-99,999 (onroad) and its delivery is scheduled to start from next month.


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