Indian Cricket Team Didn’t Do What Congress Did? Check out How Congress Data Analytics Head Took a Dig at the Party

There were some unconfirmed reports and allegations that Praveen Chakravarty, the Congress party’s data analytics team head had sold dubious data to Congress president Rahul Gandhi. After the election debacle, the party had sort of found a convenient scapegoat in Praveen, holding him responsible, to an extent, for the huge loss they suffered at the elections. Even political pundits, to some extend, have held on to this view.

Praveen, after Indian cricket team’s loss to Newzealand in the semifinals of the World cup, may have tweeted the perfect words that let him convey his grief of seeing team India lose as well as taking a subtle dig at the Congress party.

Heartbreaking to watch India lose to New Zealand & crash out of the cricket world cup. Led valiantly by their captain, India had a string of remarkable wins & fought hard in this crucial game but lost. Wisely, the team’s support staff is not being blamed solely for this defeat” he wrote on Twitter.

Now check out the last sentence ‘ the team’s support staff is not being blamed solely for this defeat’ which holds the key here. Praveen may have subtly implied what Congress party did to him, blaming the loss on him.

The Congress has blamed Praveen Chakravarty for allegedly misleading Rahul Gandhi with wrong information. A few leaders even suspected him to be a mole planted by Narendra Modi to deliberately upset Congress’ chances in the election.


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