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The room of darkness

The brutal ways used by the police force against culprits are inhuman. Nedukandam custody murder shocked the state. The torture room in the police station reflects the cold- blooded interrogation methods. The dull walls of the room are a horrifying sight. There are 6 cement blocks upon which a wooden plank is fixed. 6 plastic chairs, one metal chair, one metal box, and one wooden box are the things that occupy the room of pain. What is inside the boxes are mystery to the outsiders.

Earlier used as the rest room, the room turned into a torturing place. No one could hear the helpless plea of the victims here. Rajkumar the culprit in Haritha fraudulence case was murdered here. The details of the torture as given by the investigation team are scary. What happens beyond the closed room is barbaric and outrageous. Human rights are at stake. Humanity has enough gory memories about concentration camps and many such nasty controlling measures. If we continue to allow such things to happen the evolution of our conscience and intellect is in question.


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