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Netizens to unravel the mystery behind Area 51: A serious game is coming up

Area 51 came into news during 1950’s. The region in North Nevada is attributed with a mysterious entity. The area makes again into headlines as millions of youth are making a campaign called, ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’. They says that the cyber group will march to the Area 51 in the morning of September 20. Though began as a joking thing, the campaign is taken seriously by the US military. Area 51 is a military base run by the US Air Force.

It’s existence was confirmed by the US only in 2013. What happens inside it is secret and this makes many speculative theories. The people including the youth who have pledged to storm the area believes that the aliens and Unidentifiable Flying Objects are preserved there.  It is also said that US has created the photographs of  their first moon expedition here.

US military has warned the people to abstain from any such dangerous intervention in the top secret area in the world. They won’t mess up with military. The youths may or may not line up on September 20, but what is behind Area 51 is something very curios to the world. The Big Brother has something nasty in their pocket well hidden.


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