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Flood Relief Works: Trivandrum Mayor Prasanth’s Efforts Overblown by Left Sympathisers? Check Out this Fb post

Kerala needs all the help it can get at the face of this rain fury and Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala is at the forefront of helping the people affected at the northern part of Kerala. The mayor of Thiruvananthapuram has been lauded for his leadership and initiative in sending loads of essentials to the flood victims. Although the several volunteers who worked hard for this deserve an equal or more amount of credit, Prasanth has been the center of focus.

There have been several voices raised from many corners that while Mayor’s efforts need to be appreciated, it has been overblown by the political supporters of the Left. Many volunteers point out the fact that it is their efforts too, which have been equally instrumental in sending that many loads to the north. A facebook post that surfaced in a group Freethinkers questions the ‘attempts’ to dub Prasanth as the sole hero of the relief works from Thiruvananthapuram.

“He did his responsibility as a Mayor. But it is the unity of all beyond political differences that helped pack more than 50 loads of essentials. Why is a single person usurping the credit for it? If he was that brilliant, he could have solved the waste elimination problems of Thiruvananthapuram city by now,” asks the Facebook user. Check Out his Fb Post(below)


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