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Beautiful and terrifying footage of volcanic eruption: Climbers reach the summit of a volcano: Video

Popocatépetl volcano situated in Mexico erupted days ago. The volcano erupted with an explosion and a plume of ash has risen between four and five kilometres above its crater.

The video of this eruption has been shared widely on social media. The beautiful and terrifying footage has become viral on social media. But ow another video form the volcano has been viral on social media, but this time severe criticism is raised against the video shared.

A group of climbers has decided to visit the volcano just after the explosion. The video shows group climbers reaching the summit of the volcano and entering the crater.

In the video, it has been seen that a group of at least five climbers entering the side of the volcano’s crater, wearing face masks, goggles and helmets, as the volcano emits plumes of smoke. The video of the climbers was shared on Twitter by the search and rescue organization, GORDAS-USAR.

Located in central Mexico and straddling the borders of the states of México, Puebla and Morelos, Popocatépetl has been active since 1994, and large fragments of molten rock are often ejected several kilometres from the crater.


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