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Husband of school superintendent misbehave with women; Video

In a shocking and inhuman incident, husband of a school superintendent misbehaved cruelly with a women school staff. The cruel act has been caught on camera.

The cruel and inhuman act took place in the Barwani Kanya Ashrama in Orea in Chattisgarh. The husband of a school superintendent dragged out a women cleaner. The visuals of this act have been surfaced on social media.

The women cleaner sought shelter in the school hostel with her three-month-old baby. School superintendent Sumila Singh’s husband Ranglala Singh has dragged her out forcefully.

In the video visuals, it is seen that Singh pulling the woman by her hand from a bed. And then he asks her to leave school and she refuses it. Then he forcefully drags her and she fells from the bed and then he drags her out of the room. The school superintendent Sumila Singh who seen standing with her husband did not oppose his cruel act.

The incident was reported on August 10. The police have informed that a case has been registered against him. The FIR has been registered for assaulting woman. The couples have been not arrested yet.


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