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‘Self Love Days’: Company give employees four days leave to masturbate

A ‘Sex Toy’ company has hit the headline across the globe by allocating four days annual leave to all its employees to masturbate. ‘Lello’, a sex toy company based in London has given its staff annual leave to masturbate.


Although ‘masturbation’ is common among humans, nobody makes it a topic of discussion and even did not disclose it openly. The company aims at making realize the common public that masturbation is a common instinct like hunger and other bodily functions.


The ‘four-day masturbation leave’ will be given in addition to the annual leave enjoyed the employees. The company instructs its employees to spend these four days for ‘self-love’.

The leave is named as ‘ Self Love Days’. The company claims that masturbation has many physical and mental health benefits. The ‘self-love’ will make employees happier and will reduce their stress. And this will increase their productivity.


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