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Fed up of eating Laddoos: Man files divorce notice

In a bizarre incident, a man has filed a divorce notice on grounds that his wife was giving him only ‘Laddoos’. The man from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh has accused in the divorce notice that his wife under an influence of a ‘Tantrik’ was giving him only ‘Laddoos’ to eat.

In the divorce notice filed in the court, the man said that his wife gave him for laddoos in the morning and evening to eat. He was not given or allowed to eat anything else. She is doing this after a Tantrik has said her to do. The couple has been married for 10 years and has three children.

His wife approached the Tantrik after he fell ill. ANd the Tantrik asked his wife to give him only laddoos.

The officials at the family court are puzzled as what to do. The officials in the family court have said that they can give counseling to the couples but can not cure the superstition of the woman.


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