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A journalist tries to Push her Agenda through a Pic Claimed to be From Kashmir, but the Photo Reveals the Propaganda Behind!Don’t Miss this

Ever since the abrogation of article 370 in Kashmir, a section of people have been desperately trying to malign the face of the central government and trying to ‘prove’ that the situation in Kashmir is terrible and that people are bereft of any freedom.

Maham Abedi, a journalist might have just tried something similar with a photo which she claimed to be from Kashmir, but she was way too careless with it that social media noticed all the mistakes in the picture.

The photo is a Kashmiri boys(claims Maham Abedi) and she is holding a placard that says “We Want Freedom”. Such a powerful photo from
‘ Adnan Abidi.

A young Kashmiri boy holds up a protest sign following Jummah prayers in Srinagar” she captioned the picture.

But on closer look, we can see what’s wrong with the picture. First of all, it is not the boy who is holding the placard. There is someone else, possibly an adult(judging from the hand) holding the placard for the boy. The face of this person is behind the boy, but both his/her hands can be seen. Look closely.

There is one more mistake that really questions the allegiance of the man who made this banner. On closer look at the banner, one can see that on the other side of the banner it was written “Love You Imran Khan”.

So clearly the picture has been made to serve an agenda and we are not even sure if it was even from Kashmir. Twitter users responded sharply to this act. Check out some tweets.


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