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Hospital holds patient hostage for bill payment

In a shocking incident , the Apollo Spectra hospital in New Delhi has detained a patient for five days after over unpaid bills.

Mohammed Umar, a security guard aged 48 was held hostage for five days after a ‘bladder neck incision’ surgery. The family of the Umar has earlier informed the hospital that they have no money to perform the surgery. But then the hospital management assured the family that it would arrange for approval from the insurance company and also said that it had received an approval. But after surgery the management said that the insurance company has declined the payment and they will not allow the patient to goa till the payments is made.

The surgery was made on August 11 and he was held in the hospital till August 16. The hospital also charged Rs.1000 per day for admission in the general ward.

But the hospital declined all the allegations. They hold that the insurance company wanted some more clarifications and also they wanted to meet the patient physically. So to give better care the patient was not discharged.


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