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Student’s exam paper goes viral for this reason

A school student has failed in his examination for writing the name of international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes it is a fact. The examination paper of the student has stormed the social media after he labeled a picture of goat as International footballer ‘ Cristiano Ronaldo’.

Ahmed Nabil a 15-year-old student has failed in his French examination by a single mark. In the examination the students was asked to name a host of different animals in French. Nabil who did not know the French word for goat wrote the footballers name.

The boy has told to a media that it was a French examination he did two years ago. He said that it was a hard test for him and the toughest section was to name the animals. He revealed that as he forgot the name of goat in French and so he tried to make his answer sheet creative by this answer.

Ahmed who is a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo supports Manchester United.


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