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Bollywood actress to dedicate large part of her earnings for Cauvery Calling Initiative

National award winning Bollywood actress kangana Ranaut has declared that she will dedicate a large part of her earning to ‘ Cauvery Calling Initiative’.

‘Cauvery Calling Initiative’, is an environmental programme proposed by Sadhguru Isha Foundation based on Coimbatore to revitalize the Cauvery River and to increase the forest cover. The initiative is 12-year long programme. It aims at planting around 242 crore trees. By this is supposed that the water retention will increase in the Cauvery basin and thus will revitalize the river.

The actress is an ardent supporter of environmental issues. The rivers that are our lifeline are ceasing to exist. The drought in Chennai became a global issue. Leonardo DiCaprio was concerned about it even though he is in the US. Don’t you think I will die of shame if I have no concern about what is happening in my country?”, Kangana said.

“Each of us needs to donate only Rs 42 for a sapling every year and the volunteers of Isha Foundation will plant them. Our population stands at 1.3 billion. Imagine the green belt we can have if each of us donates for a sapling! My sister Rangoli said that she will support this cause so that her son, Prithvi, grows up in a greener world. My appeal to everybody is to think of the next generation and come forward to help this cause. I will dedicate a large part of my earnings to the cause.”


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