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Man fined for driving a car with another car on roof : Video

A man was fined for driving a car with another car on the roof. The incident took place in Wales in March.

Glynder Wyn Richards aged 51 was fined by the Aberystwyth Magistrate’s court to pay a fine of $97 and $140 in court costs. He also got three penalty points on his driving licence. He was found transporting a breakdown car by balancing it on the roof of his car.

The court observed he was guilt by using a vehicle with a load likely to cause danger of injury to others. A video of Richards driving his Volkswagen Passat car with a Skoda Octavia on the roof has gone viral on social media.

He drove the car through a industrial estate in Aberystwyth , Wales. He transported the car less than 1000 feet. He later admitted in the court that the stunt was a stupid thing to do.


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