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You will fined for drying clothes on balconies

Those who dry clothes in public will be fined. Muscat municipality has issued warning tht drying clothes in public or balconies could invite a fine. Drying clothes in balconies is not permitted.

“The offence can attract a fine between Omani Riyal 50 and Omani Riyal 5000 or a jail sentence not less than 24 hours and upto 6 months”, said municipality in a statement.

The municipality asked the public to help keep Muscat beautiful by avoiding hanging clothes in the balcony as it mars the aesthetic beauty of the buildings. The civic body also instructed that people can hang clothes in balcony if there is a screen to hide the balcony. The screen must not have openings that are wider than 1.5×1.5 cm or cement covers that are at least 10 cm deep.

“The phenomenon is prevalent in densely populated areas. Despite the practice becoming less apparent now, it is still a hygiene and public appearance issue especially among buildings such as commercial centres overlooking main roads, commercial centres, and markets which may be part of tourist areas, which forces specialists at Muscat municipality and other authorities to take a strict approach to the practice”, said municipality.


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