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These Are P Chidambaram’s Complaint About his Stay in Jail. Click to Find Out

Former Finance minister P Chidambaram is accused of signing off, as the country’s finance minister, a huge infusion of foreign funds into the company INX Media in 2007 and is serving a term in Tihar Prison. Today, P Chidambaram told a Delhi Court today that he did not have a chair or a pillow at the Tihar prison. He also complained of developing back pain due to this.

“There were chairs outside the room, I used to sit there during the day, now that too is withdrawn. Because I was using it, they have taken it away, now even the warden is without a chair,” said Mr. Chidambaram on the court.

Meanwhile, the government lawyer said that it is a small issue and there is no need to sensationalize it.

“It’s a small issue. No need to sensationalize it. It’s a petty issue. There was no chair in his room from the beginning,” said the government’s lawyer Tushar Mehta, Solicitor General.


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